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Find Your Best Gaming Desk 2017!

Welcome to the gaming desk section of Gaming Gearoid. Here we will look specifically at all the types of gaming desks that you can get. If you want to have a look at gaming chairs, head over to that section.

Every gamer has an ever-increasing list of needs, and the most integral one is undoubtedly a gaming desk. That’s because it’s the area where every gaming necessity is stored.

Most gamers need a desk that doesn’t take much space and has enough capacity to hold all of their gaming accessories. While other gamers say that any desk that enables them to neatly organize their wires is important to them.

So it’s really crucial that you choose one that perfectly suits your needs. There’s tons of things to consider, like durability, pricing, storage. If you’ve just started gaming and are considering a few gaming desk options, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are many types of gaming desks. However, before that, let us first look at the most famous gaming desks that are out in the market:

Famous Gaming Desks

The following desks have stood out to be the best gaming desks of all time.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

gaming deskIf you are looking for a highly affordable desk that is specifically made for gaming, then Atlantic Gaming desk stands out the most.

The desk is not very large; however, it has several organization features where you can put your controllers, your headset, speakers and even your coke.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

best gaming deskThis is a large gaming desk that allows for three monitors to stand comfortably on the table. The surface designed in a way that you do not need to get a separate mousepad at all.

The entire desk is water resistant so no matter how clumsy you are, you will not be damaging the surface.

The desk has an adjustable height and built in cable management system for a clean gaming setup.

E-Blue Gaming Desk

e blue gaming deskOne of the best gaming desk in the market. It is, in fact, the only one of a kind gaming desk with glowing lights that can be controlled via a remote control.

The surface of desk looks like its right out of the Tron Legacy. It actually feels like you are in the command of a battleship. Like the previous desk, this also has a mouse-friendly surface.

Other Types of Gaming Desk

If you like conventional desks and if you are looking for a very specific type of desk, then the following article will help you.

Corner Gaming Desk >>

gaming deskCorner Gaming Desks have a lot of versatility as they are suitable for both large and small spaces. Another upside is that the corner gaming desk is designed for unusual room layouts, so you don’t need to wedge a traditional rectangular gaming desk where it doesn’t fit.

A corner gaming desk is also quite flexible due to its design, and deals well with being moved from one room to another. Also worth noting is that this type of desk is usually quite sturdy, as they’re commonly made from wood, plastic and other durable materials.

Corner gaming desks don’t have a lot of compartments and drawers, so they’re suitable for uncomplicated gamers, who don’t really need a cup holder or smartphone charging port included in their desks.

L-Shaped Desks >>

gaming_deskL-Shaped gaming desks are known as a type of corner gaming desks. They are usually used by gamers who want a considerable amount of space to place all their gaming accessories.

As L-Shaped gaming desks fit in the corners of rooms, it gives your gaming station a very neat appearance which most gaming desks fail to do.

Moreover, L-Gaming desks are strongly built and carry massive weights without much trouble. Also, because of the substantial capacity that these kind of tables offer, these tables can hold any console in the world.

This makes it suitable to the needs of a gamer who wants to play advanced games for the whole day.

Wooden Gaming Desk >>

gaming deskIf you want a really attractive gaming desk to add to your collection, a wooden gaming desk is going to suit your needs. A wooden gaming desk is usually quite robust and long-lasting, because of its material.

Most high-end wooden gaming desks have a laminate finish, which is pretty to look at and scratch-resistant, so cuts and dings while moving this desk around won’t be a problem. That brings us to portability, which depends on which type of wood your desk is made out of.

If it’s made out of heavy wood, like oak, your desk is going to stay in its place for a long time. If it’s made of corkwood or cedar wood, which are both lightweight, your desk is going to be easily movable. So a wooden gaming desk gives you the freedom of choosing one which is perfect for you.

A wooden gaming desk has many compartments too, so you won’t need to worry about mess.

Glass Gaming Desk >>

deskAll gamers love the sleek feel of glass desks that make their gaming systems look amazing. If you’re one of them, then this part of the article’s for you. One of the biggest benefits of glass gaming desks is the amount of weight they can handle.

Most high-quality glass gaming desks have stainless steel legs, which not only look really well-designed but can handle the heaviest gaming consoles there are. On top of that, glass gaming desks are space-efficient and go well with almost any type of room.

Another advantage is that, just like wooden gaming desks, you can choose which type of glass desk you want. If your gaming station isn’t really heavy, and only has a few components, then a regular glass gaming desk is going to work.

If you’ve got multiple consoles, like an Xbox and PS4, then a tempered glass desk will handle your gear as it’s stronger than regular glass.

Large Gaming Desk >>

l gaming deskLarge gaming desk are perfect if you have a gaming setup that requires multiple monitors. Although L-shaped gaming desks are generally considered large, some like rectangular large desks.

Here we talk specifically about large rectangular gaming desks. They are inexpensive; however, most of them lack adequate storage options.

However, you can get extra cabinets and drawers on the side to extend the space. Otherwise, the top surface area of these desks is large enough to handle the heaviest of the gaming setups.