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Best Gaming Chair for Xbox One and Xbox 360 – Buying Guide

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When it comes to Xbox gaming their are not too many things that you can do to improve your experience. Outside of your television there is nothing that will reward you more than a great gaming chair for Xbox one or Xbox 360.

When the minutes turn to hours  (and perhaps even days if you are that hardcore) you need a good chair that not only brings the comfort but also any perks you can add on for a fully immersive experience.

There is no substitute for comfort when it comes to performing at your best for extended periods. Let me help you along the turbulent sea of Xbox gamers chairs so you can identify what is the best purchase for your needs.

What are the Primary Features to Look for?

There aren’t many extraordinary aspects that one needs to consider when getting a gaming  chair for Xbox one. After all, it is a piece of furniture, not a piece of electronics. The only technical aspect of these gaming chairs are the extra features. Let us have a look.


Whether you use your Xbox for gaming, watching entertainment, or even for Kinect, its important to have a comfortable chair to relax in. You have to consider whether you want a more traditional recliner type of chair or the more gaming specific rocker model.

Past that, their are different combinations of headrest, armrests, and leg rests on every model where your preference should be kept in mind. Fabric qualities can also range from traditional cloth or leather, to more futuristic nylon and synthetic fabric model built to deal with sweat.

When you are gaming for an extended period you need to make sure you get a fabric that agrees with your body. Beyond the basics of comfort some chairs nowadays have massage features that can greatly elevate your experience. Few things can compare to the ability to turn on your massage and relieve tension between matches. Everything else is extra, a great Xbox gaming chair starts at being extremely comfortable.

Extra Features

There are numerous extra features to look for in a Xbox gaming chair but only one really separates the plain from the extraordinary. This feature is the sound system, while a gamer chair  for Xbox One does not need a sound system. There is no other feature that will deepen your immersion as much as nice surround sound system.

Many chairs feature two speakers by your head, but you probably want at least 2.1 surround sound for the extra bass a subwoofer provides. If you are able to find a chair with 4.1 surround sound even better.

With that type of sound you don’t need to spend on a side sound system. It also helps if the chair can connect to your sound wirelessly though most chairs will have wired inputs.

Another thing you should look for is storage capabilities. The ability to store your controllers, peripherals, or even a nice snack is very important in a gamer chair.

Best Gaming Chair for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Review

Let us now have a look at some of the best gaming chair for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The following chairs are selected only from those that have received the best reviews. These chairs are durable and have proven to provide comfort to gamers.

Essentials Massage Chair, Most Comfortable Gaming Chair for Xbox One

Gaming Chair For Xbox One

The Essentials Massage Chair is quite the appropriate name for this Xbox one gaming chair as OFM aims to bring you a complete package.

An all black chair for the full relaxation when you just want to load up a movie of Netflix. The comfort kicks into high gear when you turn on the massage feature. The full back shiatsu massage will really help you with tension between matches or even just to stay in the zone during long raids.

Added heating multiplies the effect so this chair is great for extended gaming sessions or just your normal relaxation. This chair is heavy on the comfort but not so great on the immersion with no built in speakers or rumble features it does not have that magnetic effect you would like however you still probably won’t want to get up.

The price around $250 might also be more than you want to invest in a chair primarily for your Xbox. The 3 year limited warranty is a nice bonus since massage chairs are made up of electronics that may break. With a pocket on the side for your refreshment, this is a great chair for comfort but might not have everything a gamer is looking for.

Cohesion XP 2.1 Xbox One Gaming Chair with Audio

xbox one gaming chair

This chair adopts the more basic gaming chair model for the Xbox player who do not want to splurge to enjoy their gaming experience. Very affordably priced around $50 dollars, this rocker model won’t break the budget.

It is still pretty comfortable utilizing a good amount of padding to make a sturdy lightweight gaming chair. The rocking is nice if your an active gamer but you have to watch how hard you go as you are liable to tip over. It is a little bit narrow though so larger users might not find it acceptable.

As far as gaming features go this chair comes with built in stereo speakers to make you feel more involved though they are not surround sound. When you couple that with no other gaming specific features this chair mostly comes down to being cheap and moderately comfortable. It does not feel cheap though so if you want a rocker with stereo sound this is not a bad choice for the economical.

Bestmassage Full Body Gaming Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat and Long Rail

gaming chair xbox one

Some people don’t just want to be sitting in a chair, they want to be enveloped by their chair for that extra comfort. Bestmassage has a massage chair perfect for those gamers who need a few more hugs in their life.

While you play or watch your Xbox enjoy the massage that actually simulates human touch combining kneading and tapping to give you a unique tension relieving experience. All the controls are conveniently built into the armrest to give you that Star Trek command chair appeal to your Xbox gaming.

We have built in Bluetooth speakers for getting that in your face sound dynamic.

For the negatives the massage is great for your mid and upper back, even your butt,however the lower back is barely noticeable. We don’t have any built in rumble feature or heat to complete the comfort package. On top of all that the $400 price tag is a bit high for a gaming chair.

The perma-lean design is really cool though with a cockpit style and about the best massage function you will find, if you can afford it you probably won’t be disappointed.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair for Xbox One and Xbox 360, Wireless

gaming chair

This is the type of chair that comes to mind when I think of a good Xbox gaming rocker that satisfies all your basic needs as a gamer. With tons of padding and a black futuristic style design this chair looks great and feels pretty comfortable.

All of that is good but what every gamer needs is a stereo surround sound system built into their chair. With four speakers and a subwoofer the impact of this chair can not be taken lightly. Who needs a rumble feature when every gun shot or explosion is felt from the chairs sound system? How about a rumble feature that works with the chairs sound to sync with the base? Enjoy your high quality audio wirelessly or with headphones.

Audio inputs make this a great chair for gaming or whatever else your Xbox loads up. The size is great and it even folds up for in between match yoga sessions to keep your reflexes spry. The price is less than $200 giving this chair tremendous value even without a massage feature. This is the type of rocker that feels like it was made by gamers for gamers, and you won’t find more immersive sound for a better price.

X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 Gaming Chair Wireless with Vibration

xrocker gaming chair

Depending on your setup many traditional rockers are out of the question because they are just too low to the ground. This X Rocker model has you covered with a built in pedestal to give your legs that extra breathing space. The design borrows a bit of the Star Trek command style with a sinister color combo fit for a slayer of opponents dreams.

Whether you use your Xbox for gaming, watching, or just throwing on some music and relaxing this chair makes a pretty nice purchase. The 2.1 sound is not exactly surround using only two speakers but their is a subwoofer included so it still is not to be taken for granted.

The sound system also syncs with your bass to give you that extra body bump. The pedestal works well with the rocker allowing you to swivel and tilt comfortably so you can get especially into it in intense games. This chair feels like its made for space shooter fire fights. The price profile is similar to the last model right around $170 making it another good value for a different unique feature. This is the chair for the Xbox owner who wants a gamer chair that feels more like a regular chair, but also packs some pretty nice perks.

Proxelle Video Game Chair, Dual 3W Speakers Gaming Chair for Xbox One

best xbox one gaming chair

For the Xbox gamer who wants an affordable simple chair that delivers great sound and comfort at a premium Proxelle aims to please. This is a stationary chair with no rocking functionality but it is light and collapsible enough that positioning shouldn’t be much of an issue.

We have a design that looks sleek enough to fit into a race car. To accentuate the immersive experience this chair is outfitted with two 3 watt speakers. While were missing the subwoofer that some chairs provide, most chair speakers are 2 watts so that is a nice step up. The best feature in this chair is the price at right around $120 it fits into the lower range for Xbox gaming chair prices while staying high in audio quality.

There is a nice little compartment for storing your controllers or any other peripherals. This is the type of stylish, comfortable, and convenient chair that is perfect for the gamer who wants great sound but does not need the maneuverability or subwoofer bump that higher priced chairs provide.

X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

simple gaming chair

It is weird seeing an X Rocker chair that does not actually rock but it still packs all the gaming features that Xbox gamers should expect from an affordably priced chair. The design is your classic ottoman style with the ability to pop out a footrest and take a more leaned position.

It won’t turn heads with the plain gray and black colorization but it should be plenty comfortable. This chair features 2.1 surround sound packing two speakers and a subwoofer for that added immersion factor. The chair does not have a wireless receiver however so you will have to plug in through the multiple RCA inputs.

We have a pretty good price here at around $170 it is squarely in the mid range and a pretty good value for a gaming chair that has many of the qualities of a more traditional chair. When your playing your Xbox or watching something and you want a nice leaning chair with storage options and built in speakers this is the chair you think of.

Merax 360 Degree Swivel Folded Gaming Chair for Xbox One


Our last chair is a extremely plush model made by Merax for the Xbox gamer who believes comfort is king. Whether your racking up an impressive kill streak in Call of Duty or enjoying a tremulous space adventure in Mass Effect 3 this chair will allow you to feel completely relaxed despite the color scheme. This cotton knit chair has full swivel capabilities and is also light enough to move around.

The focus is totally on comfort here though as the gaming features are extremely lacking. We do not have any type of speaker system, rumble effect, or massage. Merax hopes that three back adjustment settings and a comfy seat will be enough for Xbox gamers who just want to feel comfortable.

This model is easily foldable for storage but that about rounds it up for cool features. With a price tag around $110 this chair is at least pretty affordable around the low end for gaming chairs. This is the chair for gamers who want to sink into prolonged sessions and game the night away.

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