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Best Orange Gaming Chair – The Color of Creativity

orange gaming chair features
Written by Gaming Gearoid

Whether you play for hours or play for days. There are not many things that can enhance your gaming experience more than a really nice orange gaming chair. Orange gaming chairs provide a unique look along with all the benefits of the color orange.

Orange inspires joy, creativity, change, determination, all great qualities for any gamer. Especially when you are playing for hours on end why not look for a chair that embodies the spirit of joy that is gaming?

So when searching for a comfortable, well made, adjustable, and stylish gaming chair that is perfect for your price range it is nice to have everything in one place.

Come along and find what you are looking for with the truth of the matter laid out to you. Every quest needs a good guide so lets find the best orange gaming chair for you!

Orange Gaming Chair Review

Here are our top picks for the best orange gaming chair. As you will notice, most of these chairs have a black primary color.

DXRacer FH11/NO Black and Orange Gaming Chair

orange gaming chair

Our first chair comes from DXRacer so of course it models a racing style design. Primarily black though the orange curvy sides add a stylish flair for a really sharp chair that should appease the eyes.

DXRacer is known for delivering chairs with great back support and high backs for larger users to feel comfortable and supported. This model does not disappoint with a breathable vinyl leather material that is smooth to the touch and quite suited for extensive gaming sessions.

The price is a bit on the high end around $299, but that is still pretty good for a DXRacer chair as they generally add another 70 onto the price tag. Along with great flexibility comes great adjustability with a 170 degree tilt, adjustable height, and armrests.

The final highlight other than supporting up to 265 pounds is the rocking function that works at any tilt setting. You can’t do much better for comfort, style, and support with this model.

Merax Stylish Devil’s Eye Series High-Back Gaming

gaming chair orange

This orange gaming chair features a cool racing style with long curving stripes and sharp upper back with modern cutouts for breathability. This seat uses PU leather and a mesh padding for a decent feel with just a bit of bounce. The armrests are thickly padded for extra comfortable support though they aren’t adjustable.

The adjustability does come in for the height and a bit of a tilt function though don’t expect to get a full recline. Without a doubt the best part about this model is its pretty low price at just around $97 dollars you won’t find a more stylish orange gaming chair so reasonably priced.

We got good style, comfort, and a great price against a kinda tight build that lacks flexibility and a few little cosmetic issues that might nag at you. A good buy but some might say you get what you pay for.

Furmax Gaming Chair Executive Racing Style Orange Gaming Chair

Orange chair

Continuing the run on reasonably priced chairs we have a pretty cool model from Furmax. This chair uses a combination of semicircles and squares to create a design that mixes modern and classic for a look that exceeds its price tag.

Currently around $85 dollars this is about the lowest you will find for a new racing style gaming chair. Keeping that in mind the PU synthetic leather is actually pretty comfortable. This chair actually uses wood in its construction over metal though so durability might be a concern, nothing major however.

Built in lumbar support and a adjustable head pillow make for some pretty nice additions. Then we still have the standard 360 swivel, 5 wheeled base, gas lift system, and tilt functionality that ranges up to 150 degrees.

As long as you get lucky with the shipping this makes for a great cheap chair. It doesn’t feel cheap, it looks great, and it is also pretty comfortable. Not the sturdiest chair you will find but overall for the price this is the definition of a bargain.

Top Gamer Ergonomic Chair

best orange chair

Top Gamer has an orange gaming chair with a technical sharp appeal that really takes the racing style to heart. You will not find many chairs with a more modern and sleek design. This chair is all about adjustability and you will find it every place you expect and then some.

From the fat lumbar support, to the head pillow, height, armrest, tilt, even the attached footrest is adjustable and can slide under the chair nice and easy. The tilt allows you to go the full 180 degrees so this chair can double as a comfortable bed in a pinch. High density foam and PU leather combine for a nice sturdy yet soft feel.

The price is even pretty good at right around $190 just under the middle range for a decent value. It could use a little extra cushion for extended use and it retains some heat but overall there aren’t too many issues here.

Kinsal Large Size Big and Tall Orange Chair for Gaming

orange chair for gaming

Kinsal comes in hoping to make good competition with this racing style gaming chair. The design combines sharp corners on the interior with smooth curves on the outside to complete a pretty smooth look though the red and blue of the Kinsal logo does clash a bit.

If you are interested in a pretty large adjustable lumbar support then you will like this chair along with its adjustable head pillow. You can adjust the height and the armrest as well though they are not padded like most gaming chairs.

Enjoy some nice wheels and a 360 swivel for a chair that is pretty smooth overall. This chairs tilt allows you to go the full 180 as well for the total recline. At a price around $189 this is a mid ranged chair that looks great though you can probably find a more complete package at this price range. Even still you might have to look a while as this is a pretty nice chair.

Giantex Racing High Back Orange Gaming Chair

Giantex Chair

This Giantex orange desk chair sit on the lower end of the spectrum for gaming chairs with a nice little list of features. The design is pretty basic mostly black with a couple straight orange stripes running through the center of the chair. It has a pretty high back and offers good support for up to 330 pounds.

When you add in the lumbar back support pillow and head pillow the standard checklist is pretty well filled. Adjustable seat and armrest on a 360 swivel with a tilt of up to 150 degrees round out a robust group of features for a lower end chair.

With a price around $115 dollars that is pretty good for a comfortable and reasonable chair. The only downside her is the pretty plain design but outside of that the value is apparent.

Aminiture Reclining Racing High Back

aminiture Chair

If you are looking for a reasonably priced chair that looks great then this Aminiture is worth a look. It features a nice modern design that will stand out in any room. The colors are bright and vibrant will the metal looks slick and glossy.

Though this is an example of a time where the looks lie about what is underneath as this is not the most well made chair. It should hold up well for lighter users under 200 pounds but even still you might worry about the durability. Plastic is used a bit more often than you would like.

The support offered is decent but this is not a very ergonomically designed chair which might make prolonged use a problem. The price is affordable at around $130 which might make some customers jump at the opportunity because it really looks great. However looks cover up a lot of flaws and you won’t be looking at it as much when you are sitting in it.

OPSEAT Master Series PC Chair

opseat chair

Our final orange gaming chair comes from the if looks could kill variety with a very stylish appeal. OPSEAT uses black and burnt orange along with a variety of sharp lines and angles to grab your attention, but does it deserve it?

From the durability side of things this chair gets great marks as it uses PU leather and a metal frame to create the sturdiness you need to really make style shine. This chair is ergonomically design for maximum comfort and support for up to 300 pounds.

The adjustability is also pretty nice from the height to the armrests to the tilt. You can go up to 135 degrees which is pretty low for chairs but still good enough for a decent recline. With a price around $200 dollars this a really nice chair for the mid range shopper. It looks great, is full of features, and is built to last so you can’t really go wrong.

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