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Best Purple Gaming Chair – The Color of Pride and Dignity

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If you are proud of your achievements in gaming, then purple gaming chair is for you.

If you are proud of your achievements in gaming, then purple gaming chair is for you.

Any gamer knows that there is a perfect time and situation to make the right move in any environment, and if you don’t, then congratulations you are now one step closer to greatness. However you can not simply excel in any situation without the right tools.

Your gaming chair is your throne upon which you can conquer any battlefield so it is important to make sure you are adequately supported. A great gaming chair will greatly enrich your experience whether you are a hardcore MMO raider or a sharpshooting FPS gunslinger.

What does the Color Purple Symbolize?

For a throne there is no better color than purple, a color that accentuates royalty, embodying all the luxury, grandeur, and wisdom that only purple can achieve. Purple symbolizes dignity, pride, independence, and even magic making it the perfect color for inspiring the type of creative plays that the ultimate gamer needs in their gaming chair.

A note on General Features of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials so its important to know what you are getting into.

Most will use some type of synthetic leather while there are definitely levels to this ranging from a basic mesh feel, to a smoother PU leather, and finally the top level outside of extreme models that is vinyl leather.

With each step up we get a little more of a comfortable feel from the padding along with the extra back support that is so important for hard core gamers. You should also check for how adjustable a chair is along with the maximum weight it can support. Most chairs top out around 300 pounds.

For gamers features are very important so you should be on the lookout for any that you can find. Most gaming chairs especially in the racing style focus on just being comfortable, durable, and stylish, though you can find other features is you are willing to spend more or sacrifice elsewhere.

The main feature to look out for is a built in sound system. 2.0, 2.1, or even 4.1 sound is excellent for giving you that extra immersion that surround sound can provide. Comfort is really nice but sometimes you want a bit of bump in the back. These reviews should help you along the right path to a proper gaming throne.

Best Purple Gaming Chair Review

Now that you know the highlights of what makes a gaming chair, let us now have a look at the reason why you are here.

OPSEAT Master Series PC Purple Gaming Chair

purple gaming chair

If style is important in your gaming chair then OPSeat has you in mind with this racing style purple bucket chair. You better like angles because this chairs design is sharp only rounding out for the sake of comfort. This is a performance focused chair using high quality durable materials.

The combination of a steel frame and synthetic leather padding creates a chair that is both comfortable and sturdy supporting up to 300 pounds. Extra adjustable padding is included for lumbar support so you back is covered.

With a price right around $200 dollars this chair is firmly in the middle as far as the competition is concerned. This chair favors comfort, adjustability, and durability over bells and whistles like cup holders or built in speakers.

The racing style looks cool and embodies a sense of speed so definitely check this out if you are a fan of modern looks that are sure to turn heads.

Merax High-back Purple Gaming Chair for PC

best purple gaming chair

Who really needs a sharp chair when it’s really all about how it feels? For the gamer who prefers smooth over dynamic this Merax chair is built to please. It has a strong comfortable build that really seeps into the design.

The soft curves and back support resemble the six pack of the hulk ready to support you through tireless sessions. This chair combines purple black and silver for a look that balances on the line between modern and classic.

Adjustment is paramount ranging from the height, to even the armrest angle. The best thing about this model might be the price though as it is currently around $100 making it a veritable steal for anyone who doesn’t mind sacrificing a bit of style and feel for some extra weight on their wallet.

Lumbar support, 360 swivel, and easy to clean pretty much everything is there for a pretty nice and affordable purple gaming chair.

MotoRacer Purple Chair for Office and Gaming

MotoRacer Chair

MotoRacer is pretty high on their racing style gaming chair but is their claim worth any weight? This chairs design is reminiscent of a harlequin with its interesting lines and diamond patterned back. Outside of the purple color it is likely to resemble other furniture in your home as a fusion between vibrant color and classic design.

Their is lumbar support but it is not as padded or adjustable as you will find in many other models. The price is pretty good though right around $160 dollars puts it right below the middle for most racing style gaming chairs.

The common 360 degree swivel is present along with various other standard adjustability functions, but the reclining function does not go as far as many of the other chairs only allowing for a decent lean. The head pillow is a nice touch but that is also pretty common for gaming chairs.

The PU leather padding is pretty comfortable and this is a pretty sturdy chair so it is not a bad buy but it is rather pedestrian to be making such a bold claim. The most average racing chair for gamers might be a better headline.

DXRacer DM61 Drift Series Racing Chair

high end gaming chair

Perhaps you have a grand stature and you want a chair that mimics your frame for maximum comfort. If that sounds like something you are interested in then DXRacer’s chair should be right down your alley. Other than this chairs massive frame the first thing you will notice about this chair is its sharp design.

Combining purple white and black for a modern yet statuesque appeal that is surely something to marvel at. However your gaze might darken when you notice the price which is more than $350; this chair is very much on the high end for people who truly need its benefits. Those benefits include a smooth comfortable vinyl leather padding, and a metal frame supporting up to 400 pounds.

The chair is fully adjustable including a full 170 for lean. What is leaning though if you can’t rock with it? This chair has a rocking function that will work from any position. The lack of head pillow and lumbar support may turn some people away, but this chair is just about perfect for a certain kind of user.

X-Rocker 5129001 2.0 Wired Video Gaming Chair Mesh

purple gaming chair for console

This purple gaming chair throws away the idea of legs for a unique look and feel for the gamer who prefers to stay a lot closer to the ground. Stepping away from the racing style the bucket remains with a seat that aims to fuse comfort and technology.

The build is about 3 feet in every direction giving you the space to sit comfortably as long as you aren’t too large. The purple design is your classic diamond design housing a soft mesh feel. The highlight of this model though is its audio capabilities.

With 2.0 wired audio speakers and RCA inputs you get pretty decent built in sound for a bit of that good ole surround sound immersion. This seat is nice little treat to your ears if you don’t mind missing out on a bit of height in your entertainment.

With a price tag of around $200 this chair is right about the middle for purple gaming chairs. It doesn’t really rock and no back support might wear on you a bit after a while, also you could splurge a bit more for 2.1 with a subwoofer or even 4.1. Overall though this is a pretty decent affordable buy if only a bit rigid.

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NV Purple Gaming Chair

dxracing gaming chair

Our last purple gaming chair on the list features the return of DXRacer along with the racing style design for another attempt at the perfect stylish gaming chair.

With only the colors of purple black a combination of sharp angles and smooth curves make for a pretty cool design, but nothing to really write home about. A head cushion and lumbar support cushion are included though they are not built into the design.

This chair has an extra high back for all of your support concerns along with vinyl leather for an extremely smooth and comfortable padding. A pretty efficient chair for larger users but it is lacking in features that truly make it stand out.

This is even more puzzling when you factor in the price tag of around $370. The extra adjustable armrest are pretty cool and highlight that for this chair comfort is the most important thing.

Its truly unique trait is providing a comfortable and durable chair for larger customers that can’t really be discounted. Once again DXRacer has a great chair for a certain type of user.

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