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Beest Glass Gaming Desk 2017 | Elegant & Modern

glass gaming desk
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Making the Move to Get a Glass Gaming Desk? Read this First.

Until we have implants in our head categorizing, sifting, and manipulating data at will, the most important thing about our computing, other than the machines themselves, is the surfaces we sit them on.

You want a desk that can weather the storm of furious typing or your gaming rage. It even needs to store all of the things you need close by for whatever project is on hand. A gaming desk is the back bone of any gamer’s man cave.

Why Glass Gaming Desk?

When it comes to desks though as any piece of furniture style is of the utmost importance. You want something that will look good in your home or office along with maybe breeding a bit of awe in your contemporaries.

For this reasons. a glass gaming desk is nearly essential because only the most stylish of surfaces can match up to the beautiful simplicity of a glass surface. You can both L shaped gaming desk, corner gaming desks, and regular gaming desks with glass surface.

Whether it is clear, black, white, clouded, or tempered, glass surfaces are not only great to work on but they are also surprisingly affordable. Whether you are looking for a standard desk or something more modern, glass is the surface of choice for pretty much every office because it defines modern in any style.

However, if glass does not suit your style, then we have plenty more desks here at Gaming Gearoid.

What Things to Keep in Mind?

When searching for a glass computer desk there are many things that you want to keep in mind. The first is whether you want a standard style or something different. Standard has the ability to be placed anywhere in a room while lacking as much surface size.

Other types of shapes and surfaces offer either narrower or wider surface area.

Glass desks also more commonly have metallic frames that help them stay in a lower price range. Of course there are the outliers so if you can find a nice plank base along with a glass surface consider yourself an extra stylish smart shopper.

Another thing to keep in mind is storage options, glass desks with multiple drawers, or cabinets are rare to find without a heavier wallet than most. Here we have a breakdown of some of the best affordable glass computer desks you can find on the market.


Here are some of the top selling glass gaming desks in the market. We have picked the desks that have received the best reviews from their customers. Although all of the following desks are highly praised, some are more popular than the other.

Best Glass Gaming Desk Reviews

Let us talk a bit about the best glass gaming desks here. An in depth analysis will you choose the desk that is better catered to your needs. 

You will notice that most of the glass gaming desks are quite affordable. This is because glass is not an expensive material. This is good news for the gamers out there. However, please be careful with any furniture made out of glass as it is the most prone to accidents.

#1 Z-Line Belaire Glass Gaming Desk


Standing at an inch over three feet, Z-Line has created a stylish glass gaming desk with all the contours to love.

Featuring a reinforced steel base and housing tempered glass this desk speaks of simplicity from every side. The highlight here is the price as this desk will only run you around $150 which is a great bargain for a desk that looks so good in glass and steel could cost double that.

We have one shelf and a slideable tray for your keyboard so this isn’t necessarily a great buy for people who need storage options. Z-Line takes some point back though with a wide 60 x 24 surface area. Elegance and simplicity at a bargain price. This is essentially what every gamer demands.

#2 Coaster Glass Gaming and Office Desk

best glass gaming desk
The first thing you will notice about this stylish glass gaming desk is the cappuccino base. The backwards parentheses styling of the base creates an aesthetically pleasing back drop to any room with functional purpose for kicks.

With a price ranging around $200, this desk fits into the higher prices for glass desks in our list. In it’s defense, it does have a highly functional design. However other than a sliding keyboard tray and a rack for your CPU, there is nothing here for storage.

The surface area is what most would call serviceable for a desk of this type at 43.25 by 24 inches you might be left wanting a bit more. Overall though at this price getting a nice glass and stylish desk is nothing to shake a stick at.

#3 Black Metal Glass Computer Deskglass desk

As you can probably guess from the name for this desk, here simplicity is the virtue. With that stress on simplicity we have the standout feature of course being the budget pricing. Currently running right around $100 you won’t find many better prices for wide glass gaming desk.

The design is very interesting here as we sacrifice some working surface area for de facto raised monitor shelves. It’s an interesting idea but it seriously cuts in the surface area when compared to other desks.

The tempered glass and steel frame still combine to give you the materials that are the mainstay in this price range. This is a great model to look at if your looking for a cheap desk that still looks stylish thanks to its interesting design.

#4 Coaster Computer Desk with Glass and Metal Frame

metal and glass desk

Our second Coaster desk on the list shares the same penchant for style as its contemporary but instead works with a metal frame over wood. Each metal panel features a multiple circle design going down the sides as well as a few in the center.

This time we also have tempered black glass instead of the more common clear panes. Currently retailing at around $100 dollars it’s an extremely affordable stylish gaming desk. Also with a 59 by 23 inch surface area we don’t have the same lack of space issues as the last Coaster desk.

Our biggest issues here are quite familiar as the storage space is lacking. Only a single shelf in the center for your CPU and no sliding keyboard tray somewhat limit this desks overall utility.

#5 Merax Home Rectangular Glass Gaming Desk

small desk

Stepping away from the wider desk, we have our first entry in the classic rectangular style. Merax comes for small gaming setups as it does not have as much surface area as compared to the desks above.

You will also notice that there is not any fancy design, as here all design features serve a utilitarian purpose. Since we are losing that extra L area we have a sliding keyboard tray with a conjoined shelf. Depending on how you choose to assemble your desk you can move that shelf a bit down for a wider surface area.

Underneath that shelf we have three separate drawers for all of your storage needs. With a glass and steel construction, $150 might seem a bit pricey but you are paying for the storage space and adaptability so it is actually a decent value. The base area is 43 by 24 so its a great desk if you don’t have or need much space.

#6 Coaster 800445 Rectangular Desk glass top desk

Our third Coaster glass gaming desk is almost a carbon copy of our original one feature the same cappuccino ellipses base. The only difference is this time it rocks the traditional design in stead of the more spacious desk reviewed above. Sometimes you don’t have as much space to work with so its nice to see the price is appropriately dropped down to around $100.

Similar to the other desk you might be lacking in surface area as the dimensions for this desk are 42.5 by 26 by 36 inches so while the space isn’t tremendous it is also not too bad. Not too much to say here, we do have a sliding keyboard tray though. This is Coaster keeping it sweet and simple with a bit of that wood style.

#7 Baxton Studio Sculpten Modern Computer Glass Desk

modern desk

Baxton has created a nice little affordable desk. At only around $80 currently this is about as low as you will ever see it go for pricing a quality glass gaming desk. Of course it is lacking a few things you might have wanted. The wood for the base isn’t actually wood instead it is a faux wood grain veneer.

Black powder coated steel reinforcements and the MDF legs allow this affordable yet sturdy desk to come into existence. The glass surface is smoked grey tinted and tempered for strength. Your surface area is 23.5 by 47.2 which is right around the average for standard style desks. This desk fits well into any home especially one on a budget.

Just don’t expect this desk to be able to hold a heavy gaming rig comprising of three monitors.

#8 Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

z line glass desk

If you are looking for a a rectangular glass gaming desk that has the configuration of a workstation computer, then this is a great desk to have.

It has a fairly wide surface. The keyboard tray itself is wide enough to hold more than just the keyboard and the mount. At the bottom you have space not just for your chair but also to place your CPU or printer. The surface has enough room to accommodate two 24 inch monitors easily. Beyond that you have shelf space.

The desk combines glass with wood as well as steel to give it a highly modern look and feel.

Can you make Glass Gaming Desks by Desk?

Like the most gaming desks, glass gaming desks are also pretty easy to build if you have required skills and tools. You need novice carpentry skills in order to make the basic of these desks.

The beauty about building the desks yourself is that you can design them however you like. You can make them wide, you can make them small, you can have cable management as you wish, you can have as much storage as you want.

However, since glass is a fragile material, you need to good care when constructing the desk. Also, since glass cutting requires special tools, you will have to get the right sized glass sheets from the vendors yourself.

It is not advisable to build a glass desk by yourself if you have no prior experience.

Here is an example of a setup with a glass desk

There are many examples of great PC builds. Here is one that features a glass desk:

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