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Best Large Gaming Desk 2017 | For Multi Monitor Rigs

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Let us now talk about large gaming desk for those who have are lucky enough to have a big gaming rig.

The quest for the perfect gamer desk can be a long and arduous task especially if you do not know what to look for. A good gamer desk has a sturdy construction for any rage that might occur along with any mishaps that come along with drinks and snacks nearby.

On top of that it is nice to look for a customizable desk with multiple storage options for all of your software, hardware and any of the manuals and guides you pick up along your travels.

When looking for a gaming desk, it is not as easy as picking the first desk that you find in the store. You have to be careful as a proper gaming desk that suits you entirely can go a long way in making your sessions worthwhile.

There are so many different kinds of desks. There are specialized desks like the Atlantic Gaming Desk and then there are the generic types. Therefore, you need to decide on exactly what you need and we at Gaming Gearoid will have you covered.

It is nice to find a good mix of surface space along with utility so your desk can provide you with everything you need for those prolonged session. A good gamer desk can run from $70 to thousands of dollars so thankfully you have guides like these to help highlight the checkpoint to gaming nirvana.

Why a Large Gaming Desk?

Large gaming desks are perfect for not only multiple monitor setups, but they also give you a lot of room to place your other stuff and gadgets. This makes it easier for you to play on without having the worry of things falling over.

This guide is dedicated for only RECTANGULAR LARGE GAMING DESKS.

Large Gaming Desks Review

Let us now have a look some of the best large gaming desks that you can get in the market.

#1 OFM Mesa Series Large Gaming Desk

Large gaming desk

If you are the type of gamer who needs the sturdiest of desks to deal with the rage inducing frustration that can occur playing competitively, OFM has a desk for you.

We all have times where we just want to hit something so quite appropriately, OFM calls this a training desk because it is sure to keep up with whatever punishment you want to dish out.

If you are looking for a ton of storage options for all your games and memorabilia though this  large gaming desk is not for you. Without any shelves, all we have is a couple pencil drawers for some supply storage.

So unless you like to map out your experiences you will be left wanting. It’s hard to avoid clutter without much storage but their is ample space with a 28 x 59 inch surface space.The price around $260 puts it in the mid range. If you are looking for a super strong surface that can take a beating you can’t do much better.

#2 Series C 72W x 36D Bow Front Large Gaming Desk

best large gaming desk

This desk looks great with a solid construction featuring a gray base and a cherry surface ready for the long haul. Whether your trucking through hour eight of a raid or racking up a supreme KDA, this desk has the build to last.

The rounded edge is a nice addition in a world full of traditional rectangular desks. This desks has the hardcore gamer in mind with integrated sections for cord management to keep your cave clear.

The biggest thing this desk is missing is any type of storage options, not even a keyboard tray means all you have is the tremendous surface. At 72 x 36 inches you will not see many desks with more surface area. Its a strong adaptive desk that works well with separate storage for all your manuals and such.

The price is about what you would expect for a completely solid construction right in the low $200 range. No bells and whistles but all the space and strength a gamer should need.

#3 Bestar Innova Peninsula Computer Desk

large desk gaming

Bestar brings a desk for a extremely affordable price considering its build at the moment. Currently priced around $133 dollars, it is rare to find a quality construction for that cheap. Gamers will appreciate the large surface space at 26 by 60 for setting up shelves for storage or just stacking as many manuals as you can without too much worry of knocking them over.

The surface of this large gaming desk is a Tuscany Brown while the base is black which melds perfectly into long sessions as the sun drops behind the horizon.

All storage options will need to be purchased separately however as this desk adopts a rather basic design. No ones going to compliment your style but this desk will get the job done for a long time at a price that is a steal.

#4 OFFICE MORE Computer Desk

computer gaming desk

This white and black workstation looks like wood but is actually made of an MDF material. Most people will look at this desk see the price is only about $80 dollars and be astounded by the deal that they are getting.

However the price is quite appropriate as the desk appears stable and sturdy but its got issues. First off the size of this desk is pretty small at 24 by 47 with no extra storage options gamer’s will be starved for space.

That is enough for your rig and not much else. The setup claims to be simple and easy but sometimes is comes with no holes for construction. This desk also looks pretty good from afar but when you get closer it is not quite as sturdy as you would expect.

A few rage sessions and you might of thrown almost a hundred bucks in the trash. My recommendation here is that you get what you pay for now has a new spokesman, you have been warned.

#5 Bush Furniture Series A 72W Large Desk for Gaming

gaming desk

This Bush desk combines metal and laminated wood together to present a very nice desk suitable for the RTS players and the FPS players to come together. Those MOBA guys still have to stay away though, all jokes aside this desk offers ample leg space and a very large surface.

The active gamer with multiple gadgets is kept in mind here with a full cable management system for keeping your space organized.

A multitude of sold separately add on’s are available from drawers to keyboard trays however the desk does not have any native storage options. The price is pretty affordable around $250 putting it right in the middle range for gaming desks.

The 72 by 27 surface space is also larger than you’ll find in most models. This is a great desk for long sessions with all the lamination and protection to outlast the rest of your peripherals that fly much more easily.

#6 Ikea Computer Desk Workstation

large desk for gaming

There are not many things nicer than when somebody can pull off an all white appeal. Ikea attempts to do it in this desk for gamers, but the results will vary based on the user. The white look is certainly eye catching and we actually have a couple built in drawers to bring a bit of utility that this list has been lacking.

This desk does suffer from the pitfalls of white as knocking over your soda or any drink will leave an apparent stain. This desk is a bit more porous than you would expect so messy gamer’s beware.

We have a section for slipping your cords through built in for that organizational convenience. At 57 by 21 this desk is on the lower end for storage surface though so you might end up with some disks on the floor.

However who uses disks anymore and this desk is sturdier than it looks so separate shelving is an option. Overall with a price tag right around $160 this desk represents a nice value for anyone who is looking for a little bit of everything in their gamer desk without breaking the budget.

#7 Altra Benjamin Credenza – Short Width Desk

This desk from Altra Benjamin is built to work along with other similar elements to create whatever furniture situation you require. This is especially nice for gamer’s as they will be able to customize their gaming center. The Credenza design grants the used ample leg room along with a stylish flair that you won’t find in many similarly priced desks.

Speaking of the price is really low only running you around $90 dollars currently. You would expect a pretty cheap build but since this desk is meant to be worked into a set its strength is quite surprising.

The surface area is kind of skinny though at 66 x 20 there is not much space for your collection of Star Wars memorabilia, but this might be a sign to move on. With built in cord management space this desk makes an excellent practical buy for any gamer.

#8 Bush Series C 60W Computer Desk

60 inch desk

Our last desk on the quest to gaming nirvana is not exactly a fit for the end boss as far as pricing or features, but it does carve itself out a nice spot in the middle. This Bush desk has the elegance of a credenza design but that also comes with the pitfall.

Despite having a large 60 inch width the depth of this model is lacking at only 24 inches thanks to the credenza style. This desk is a primarily classic construction so you can look good while you grind away with the added benefit of the strength to survive a few smashed keyboards. Bush even provided a nice space for all of your cords to go without becoming a jumbled mess.

The price is pretty reasonable as well since this desk will only run you about $200 it has a nice low mid range tag. There are no options for storage built in but thanks to the clearance this desk should work well with optional attachments like keyboard trays or cabinets. You won’t be able to store too much of your gaming collection on this desk but you also should be pleased with the overall feel.

#9 Monarch Specialties White 60 Inch Desk

large gaming desk

So if you are looking for a very modern desk that has plenty of storage compartments, looks good and has the surface area to hold a large gaming setup, then this is the desk for you.

The greatest aspect of this desk if by far it design and  color. It is a desk that would bring immediate joy on any gamer’s face. It look pleasant with its construction and style.

The desk is excellent for a gamer’s office too. So you can use this for both partying and business.

It does; however, cost more than an average large does. That is all of good reasons. Very rarely do you find a large desk with storage options.

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